FinancialConnex is a personal financial planning service combining digital and thematic investment advice with financial planning resources.  Through the use of technology, clients are able to plan while incorporating strategic and themed based investment strategies.

Who We Are

  • Service Oriented
  • Independent Firm

What We Do

  • Digital Investing
  • Financial Planning
  • Theme Investing

How We Do It

  • Account Aggregation
  • Investment Research
  • Planning Advice

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Our Blog Posts

Record Stock Buybacks

Rewarding shareholders with M&A activity, dividend payouts and stock buybacks, at the expense of capital spending, is very popular in corporate America. You can see its investor appeal as activist groups and talking media heads are continually pushing for these...

Your Guide to Data Aggregation

WHAT IS DATA AGGREGATION? Data aggregation is the process of gathering digital information – like your checking account, 401(k), and investment account balances – from a variety of separate sources, to combine the data into a unified set. Your Personal Financial...


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