Cash Flow

Are your daily spending habits helping you meet your long-term financial objectives?

With the Spending tab on your Personal Financial Website, you can easily monitor and manage your daily cash flow, helping you stay on track to pursue the financial future that you envision.

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Visibility Into All Accounts

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Connecting all of your financial accounts brings your daily transactions from multiple institutions into one place for a complete and consolidated view of your spending.

Real-time Expense Tracking

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Once you’ve connected your financial accounts, you’ll always know how much you’ve spent and what’s left with a real-time view of all your debits and credits.

Insight Into Spending Habits

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Financial transactions are automatically classified based on preset and customizable categories. You’ll easily identify where you spend the most money and ways to save for future expenses.

Budgeting In One Click

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Planning for your future income and expenses is simple. In just one click, create a budget from your actual spending transaction history. Use it as is or as a starting point that you can customize.